Solid research drives every decision we make for clients. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, we combine our extensive experience, industry reports and custom research to plan campaigns and projects for our clients.

During our research phase, we determine a client's marketing and project goals. Starting with documented goals helps ensure a projects success and serves as a solid foundation for the remaining two steps.

We work with clients to set goals for marketing campaigns and development projects that will capitalize on the unique aspects of their company and ensure a return on their investment. When a simple solution will solve a problem, we will recommend that. When something more involved is required, we have the resources required to implement it.

Every client's implementation is unique. Our team of talented designers and programmers can handle any challenge we throw at them. They excel at providing creative solutions to graphic design or programming challenges, on time and on budget. If a client requires a custom solution, we develop it. When they are better served using a third party or licensed solution, we implement it.

Keeping our clients involved and informed is one aspect of the implementation process we take very seriously.

It is our experience that projects are more likely to be successful with good communication throughout the process. We ensure that budgets are adhered to, time is accurately tracked, and projects get done on time.


Solid metrics, reporting software and data are critical to the success of every project. Quality data helps future projects succeed and makes decision making more effective.

For each type of marketing campaign, the quality of data is different. For eCommerce and Web projects, data can be gathered for each step and about every customer. Using advanced software, we can track every sale back to its source and campaigns can be adjusted on the fly to capitalize on early successes.

Metrics in traditional marketing are more of a challenge, but we have tools that can be used to track printed materials and other media campaigns. We also have experience deploying surveys and other methods to develop more data.