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eCommerce Services

Selling on the Internet is not as easy as just putting up a home page. A successful eCommerce effort demands a range of technical skills, including initial planning through design, implementation and website marketing. We have the experience needed to produce an effective eCommerce website tailored to your business goals and to provide search-engine optimization and ad placement to get that website to consumers and clients. We assist clients at every step of the process and ensure that they make smart choices when choosing vendors or technology.

We can provide a complete custom eCommerce solution no matter what type of product or service you are selling and provide a fully customized, secure, online ordering system in which your customers can be confident.

We use the latest technology so that your customer information is safe. This includes using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and MD5 encrypting passwords.

We can also set up a merchant account so that you can easily process credit cards online and export the data to an existing bookkeeping application such as QuickBooks or an external database.

In addtion, we have experience converting legacy eCommerce systems and handling complicated migrations while protecting the website search engine position and keeping the transition seamless.

Our eCommerce services include:

eCommerce Store Development
- Fully Custom eCommerce Development
- Legacy System Integration
- Accounting System Intergration Including Quickbooks
- Legacy eCommerce System Conversions or Migration

Store Marketing
- Targeted Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
- Online PR and Blog Marketing
- Custom Traffic Building Campaigns
- Search Engine Targeting and Optimization

Marketing analytics
- Revenue and Traffic Reporting
- Advertising ROI (return on investment) Tracking
- User Conversion Tracking

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