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Paid Search Management

The importance of online marketing cannot be overstated. More people than ever are turning to online searches for the products & services they need. Search marketing is one of the best methods to reach these potential customers & will prove invaluable to your business.

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising, also abbreviated as PPC, or CPC (Cost-Per-Click), is the term for marketing on search engines like, Google, Yahoo!, & Bing/MSN. They allow advertisers to show up in the ‘sponsored links’ for certain queries. For example, you are a business selling dog collars. If someone types “large dog collars” into the search engine, they may be interested in buying from you. Pay-Per-Click advertising makes sure they find you. This sounds simple enough, right? Not so much, an advertiser must then discover:

“How” people are searching. What are they typing in?

They must ensure the right people (valid prospects) are clicking on their ad.

How much they should be paying for clicks on their ads? Are they making money on those clicks?

Objectives & Goals

Our goal is simple: to help you achieve your goals. With over a decade of online marketing experience, we have perfected the “secret sauce” needed for success with online marketing. Our dedicated team works together to ensure you get the best results from your online campaigns.

Our Methodology

We are firmly committed to using best practices methodology. Note you will have full transparency, 24/7 into your results & our ongoing work. You will be able to see detailed reporting information, including the number of conversions/sales, where your web traffic is coming from, where your site is showing up in the search engine results, & more.

What you get: 100% Committed PPC Campaign Management

Ongoing keyword research, industry research, targeted campaign & adgroup build out, split testing of effective ad text, bid management to ensure profitability, focus on cutting wasteful spend, ongoing performance reporting, determined campaign expansion & growth

Additional online traffic sources testing. Facebook, Bing/Yahoo, other 3rd tier networks

Google Analytics configuration & analysis for accurate & optimal tracking

Communication & reporting includes regular account performance updates in addition to month-end summary report including optimizations & changes made, how much was spent, how many customers & revenue was generated, & out plan going forward

Monthly strategy session with the team to cover updates & discuss your individual online marketing strategy

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Audit Includes:

- Full analysis of your keyword list

Are you bidding on the correct terms for your products & services?
Are you wasting money on irrelevant terms that you may not even KNOW you’re showing up for?

- Tutorial on additional Adwords features that are aren’t using that could potentially skyrocket profits
- Analysis of account structure & recommendations on how a reorganization of your campaigns & ad   groups to improve your ROI

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