Why Hiring a Marketing Agency Matters


It’s been your dream. This business you’ve created. You LOVE it! It doesn’t even feel like work when you’re deep in the heart of taking care of a customer.

But it feels like work when you pay your expenses. Your employees. Your business taxes. Your cost of inventory. There’s just no way to get your expenses any lower. So you have one choice. Raise your revenues. Increase your sales. Let everyone know how wonderful your product or service is, and why they can’t live without it.

Ask why people enjoy doing business with you. Then ask yourself a tough question…Is your store traffic low because people don’t know about you? Or because they DO? Social media makes it easy to spread customer discontent among a huge group of people.

Hire a marketing firm that knows their stuff. Because even though you think you know everything about your business and your customer, your perspective is skewed. You can’t read the label when you’re inside the bottle.

The fertile minds at Tayloe Gray can give you that fresh perspective, and research and testing that can bring more people to your door, and more revenue for your business. We’re in the return on investment business. You invest in real marketing, research, and A/B testing, and we’ll return more customers that spend more money on your product or service.