How Kiip Validates Its Mobile Strategy Through Measurement

With 2016 now underway, ad planning is big focal point for marketers, agencies and publishers. While traditional channels remain go-to options for most marketers, there’s no denying the growing importance of mobile, particularly as smartphone penetration in the U.S. hit 80% in September 2015. So where does mobile fit in these days? To get a sense of the market’s perspective, Nielsen conducted a survey among its Digital Brand Effect users and asked if they plan to increase their mobile ad spend this year. A whopping 83% of the respondents said they do.

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But the ubiquitous nature of mobile isn’t just about device penetration: It’s also about usage, which continues to rise. In fact, the Nielsen’s third-quarter 2015 Comparable Metrics Report points out that Millennials spend almost 12 hours a week on their smartphones, up 18% over the second quarter.

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With so much attention focused on mobile devices, companies are looking for new ways to engage customers. Kiip, a mobile reward-based network, targets “moments of achievement” in apps people use to build strong brands and relationships. Campaigns running the Kiip platform add value to a consumer’s day by rewarding them with free samples, special offers and virtual items while they’re doing something they love. As with any marketing effort, however, measuring ROI is key. So Kiip wanted to understand if the rewards were positively affecting brand opinion.

Using Nielsen Digital Brand Effect, Kiip measured the results across seven awareness-focused mobile campaigns. With the results, Kiip was able to create its own internal benchmark to understand whether the campaigns were helping the company meet its brand goals. When Kiip compared the results with Nielsen’s mobile awareness benchmark, it found that awareness campaigns running on its platform generated brand lift that was 9x higher than the Nielsen mobile awareness norm.

With data to support its brand-building capabilities, Kiip can showcase how its platform makes an impact in meeting client goals.

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