eCommerce | Is Your Business Staying Relevant?

With the internet virtually at everyone’s fingertips, eCommerce is changing the way that companies do business. Not only does an eCommerce website offer your business a wider reach and more diverse customer base, but those same customers also expect a lot out of eCommerce sites today. Have you stopped to think about how your website – or lack of one – may be affecting your business?

When your business is engaged in selling products online, staying on top of the latest changes, trends and technologies in eCommerce is a vital component to the online success or failure of your business. That’s why at Tayloe/Gray, we like to stay ahead of the curve. We keep our knowledge current and our skills fresh so that we can expand the possibilities for our clients and their eCommerce sites.

In fact, with MivaCon 2018 quickly approaching, T/G Partner and COO Nathan Tayloe, is eager to expand his knowledge and share what he has learned from these industry professionals with the entire T/G team so that we can apply it to our own customer’s eCommerce websites. This 3-day event sponsored by eCommerce software company Miva, Inc., features industry leading eCommerce experts sharing the best practices for selling to every channel, including emerging tech and all new sales channels.

With changes to eCommerce constantly emerging, this knowledge is even more valuable to online businesses. Businesses who wish to sell products online, must now do more than the bare bones of placing products on a page and using simple checkout options. By drawing on our current expertise and new knowledge, we can help our clients create a successful eCommerce website.

Because we know that eCommerce is only one part of creating a successful business, it’s important to start with a strong framework that will allow your brand to grow over time. This is what really sets T/G apart. We don’t just go through the motions and build an eCommerce site for our clients— we take a holistic approach and look in-depth at every aspect that goes into making that product.  

It’s important to showcase your product the best that you can. This may mean higher quality photography and features or really focusing in on the customer testimonials. But, ultimately, we understand what creating a successful eCommerce site is all about: helping a company create a solid foundation that is necessary for a successful business.

Once your website is built, you’ll need to really hone in your efforts on driving traffic, whether it’s through traditional marketing or with digital advertising. Either way, it’s important to build content that not only talks about how people use your product, but also helps the customers see themselves actually using it.

By partnering with T/G, we can help our clients focus on what they do best while using us as a valuable resource to help them make smart marketing decisions. Ready to create your eCommerce website? Reach out to us to learn more about how our holistic approach to eCommerce breeds success for your business.

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