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Trust is the Key

eCommerce depends on mutual trust. Consumers need to trust the data they submit is private, trust that the product is “as advertised”, and trust that the business will fulfill their order. Similarly, businesses need to trust the payment methods they receive, trust the customer to receive the product in good faith, and trust that a transaction is not fraudulent. The relationship of confidence between the buyer and seller is always under threat by bad actors who are willing to defraud one or both parties.

The challenge is to find a method of weeding out the bad actors while minimizing the impact of such efforts on legitimate customers. Make your checkout too secure (thus, too difficult), and your customers will abandon shopping carts in your electronic aisles. Alternatively, a less stringent checkout can result in fraud, as well as the revenue loss from chargebacks and shrinkage.

The Sweet Spot

You want to find that sweet spot between insecure and over-secure. That “secure” position, where we want to be, is a constantly moving target. A one-size-fits-all, unsupported solution isn’t going to work for long. Scammers are sophisticated. Each time we plug a hole in the security dam, thousands of hackers put down their Mountain Dew & Cheetos, and try to find the next chink in your eCommerce armor. They pound their electronic chisels until they make a hole big enough for credit card information to slip through.

Signifyd has a solution. They determine the legitimacy of a transaction in milliseconds. Signifyd stops chargebacks, eliminates fraud, and maximizes conversions for eCommerce retailers worldwide.

They are:
Vigorous in defending their clients.
Faithful in their mission.
Committed to their partnerships.
Confident enough to stand by their decisions 100% – so any fraud liability is absorbed by Signifyd.

We recently integrated Signifiyd’s services for our eCommerce client: Evasive Motorsports. As their online sales grew, they required a more robust eCommerce solution that included fraud protection. Tayloe/Gray handled the integration with expert care, establishing security that maximizes conversions while minimizing effects on consumers. See the new and improved site at

Let’s Talk About It

If you want to build trust between your customers and your business, Tayloe/Gray and our partners at Signifyd will give you guaranteed security without extra hassle. Email us with your eCommerce security concerns and we’ll guide you to a solution.