Partner Spotlight – Avalara

The Law

Since the results of South Dakota vs. Wayfair, complying with a multitude of state tax codes is compulsory for eCommerce companies once the economic nexus has been established. While computing tax obligations can be mystifying and infuriating to any layman, for our eCommerce clients who need to comply with tax codes from numerous states it can become an endless nightmare of regulations and paperwork.

Without belaboring the point, we can say that taxes are complex and ever-changing.

The Solution

At Tayloe/Gray, we want our clients to not just succeed, but to excel as leaders in their industry. To help us in that mission, we maintain partnerships with service providers that help our clients grow by reducing unnecessary burdens like tax compliance.

Meet Avalara.

They make tax compliance simple by providing a software suite that takes the guesswork (and hard work) out of paying taxes.

They help businesses:

  • Figure out when and where to collect taxes,
  • Get registered with specific tax authorities,
  • Calculate tax rates and manage exemptions,
  • File and remit taxes.

Avalara will ensure you aren’t overpaying or neglecting tax obligations, and that your eCommerce site is up to date on changing tax codes.

The Example

Our clients at Liquid Logic Kayaks wanted to move all their sales online. The added challenge was that their merchandise is taxed at different rates specific to the type of product. As part of the custom eCommmerce site we built for them, we integrated Avalara’s services to reduce the burden of tax computation, and to ensure they were only charging the taxes required for each item. The results were an award-winning website, a massive increase in mobile users, and a 100% increase in online sales; all without allowing tax compliance to become a drain on resources. Read our case study about Liquid Logic here.

The Conclusion

Successful people know their limitations. Time, energy, capital and personnel are all limited resources. Don’t waste them on becoming a taxation expert. Avalara takes the guesswork out of computing tax obligations and eliminates the onerous burdens of tax compliance.

As your partners in eCommerce, Tayloe/Gray can build your audience, brand, sales, and your eCommerce site itself. We want to empower you with the tools that will keep your attention on what matters most: the success and growth of your business. Call us, or email us us so we can discuss how to smash the barriers to your brand’s success.