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Transform your brand into an industry powerhouse with Tayloe/Gray

For more than a decade, Tayloe/Gray has helped manufacturing, financial, lifestyle, and eCommerce businesses transform their brands into industry powerhouses. Each category has unique challenges, and our team enjoys a good challenge. Let us help you transform your brand.

Building a Better Mousetrap Isn’t Enough for Most Brands

Manufacturers face numerous challenges when it comes to growth. Depending on the product, shipping, and materials, sourcing can be a major headache. Their processes often don’t scale easily without an accompanying worry about quality control. These are challenges that manufacturers often specialize in solving. But creating a cohesive, consistent brand can be far outside the boundaries of their normal duties. For manufacturers, adopting a brand identity that their consumers feel close to creates a relationship with the product, and a long-term customer. Crafting a brand should be intentional, well-reasoned, well-researched, and planned.

Brand is the foundation of everything we do. Just check our logo! 

We Talk Fintech

Financial Industry brands know money and loans, percentage rates, risk and credit, and the legal processes involved therein. However, they may need help translating promotions and communications into easily understood messages for consumers. Their websites must comply with numerous regulations. Often, the legal requirements on financial institutions take precedence over crafting beautiful and interesting content, but it is crucial when attracting new customers to a brand. Designing compelling marketing materials, and developing websites that engage the user with a UI/UX that doesn’t feel like waiting in line at a bank requires a different set of skills than bankers usually hone. 

We speak Financial and English, and can translate between them.

Cool Branding Doesn’t Mean All-Knowing

Lifestyle brands often excel at creating a message, a look, and a brand identity. However, they may struggle with the nuts and bolts of advertising in the digital age. Using PPC ads and Facebook Ads is not intuitive. There’s a fair amount of specialized knowledge and terminology in both. With the sheer volume of content these days, and the unending options involved in digital marketing, getting your message to the proper audience can be like throwing darts blindfolded.

We understand how to get your message out to the right person at the right time.  

Where’s the “Go Viral” Button?

eCommerce brands have as hard a time as anyone getting new users to their site. Without enough customers, the best site with the most intuitive UI/UX in the world won’t make enough money to afford the hosting fees. They may have a wonderful product, but have no idea how digital marketing works. They may have a working site, but it’s hard to navigate and carts are dropped constantly. The search function may be totally broken, or perhaps the inventory isn’t regularly updated to the site resulting in numerous canceled orders. eCommerce success depends on a variety of factors with a lot of interplay. 

Whether you need to create some buzz, new capabilities for your eCommerce site, or it just needs a facelift, we have the team to help you.

Does your manufacturing, financial, lifestyle or eCommerce business need an agency partner? Drop us a line. We’re ready to help.