The Client

When Motonation was created it was based on a philosophy of doing as many things differently from its competitors as possible. "When racing you will never pass anyone by following them, you have to be creative and bold by selecting lines that the others have not used." As a trusted wholesaler, with exclusive distribution rights for a number of racing apparel brands, and a high-quality in-house apparel line, Motonation provides motor sport equipment to retailers and direct-to-consumers. With life and limb on the line, their customers need to know they are buying authentic products from a company they trust.

The Challenge

With a solid base as a wholesale supplier selling B2B, Motonation wished to increase their footprint by selling directly to customers. Their eCommerce platform was very old and outdated, and the store was buried in the site, making it hard for customers to find products and make an online order. Motonation needed a modern website that would handle both B2B and B2C sales from the same platform. They also wanted modern integrations with shipping platforms, taxes calculations, and inventory systems to better serve all their customers.

The Results

Motonation has a state of the art eCommerce system where the homepage now features a clear link to the shop with featured products front and center. We added a waitlist system to notify customers when products are back in stock. We incorporated over a dozen different pricing structures and assigned the hundreds of existing customers into the appropriate groups, allowing wholesale and retail customers to utilize the same site and platform. With 3rd Party Logistics and Avalara integrations, we laid the groundwork to make it easier to scale their business for years to come.


Client Snapshot

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Our UI/UX web design and development team created a custom site for Motonation incorporating 3rd Party Logistics and Avalara tax compliance along with a Multi-add order page for wholesale customers, all built on Miva's eCommerce platform.

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Back Office Integration

Before integrating Orderbot's order management system (OMS), Motonation/Ciclista-America manually transferred their orders to their fulfillment partners, and manually tracked them all. Managing orders, backorders, returns, and inventory was a constant chore.

With a system that required manual transfers of each order to their fulfillment partners, along with an inventory that is mainly manufactured outside the United States, it became harder to manage orders, as well as maintain accurate inventory. This led to stocking shortages, which were compounded by logistical challenges due to the Covid Pandemic. Motonation/Ciclista-America needed a system that would automate their fulfillment process while being able to account for back orders, monitor their warehouse inventory, and automate the creation of purchase orders.

Tayloe/Gray worked with our ecommerce partners at Miva and our new friends at Orderbot (Order Management System provider) to alleviate numerous headaches and chores for Motonation/Ciclista-America.
1: Orders automatically sent to their 3PL partner for fulfillment.
2: Sales forecasts and purchase orders automatically created to maintain inventory.
3: Backorder and Pre-Book Order Capabilities (even partially fulfilled orders, along with the customer communication involved)
4: Real-Time Inventory (with multiple categories: on-hand, available, to-be-shipped, backordered, etc), and an unlimited ability to expand to more retail or warehouse locations.

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