photo for: Allison Brantley

Hometown:Wendell, NC

Secret Talent:Flexibility

Pets:Khadance (Maltese)

Let all that you do be done with love.
- 1 Corinthians 16:14

Though she has seriously considered starting a goat farm, Allison is a veteran digital project manager with over 60 website projects in her portfolio.

A College of Charleston graduate, Allison began her career working in journalism. She pivoted to SEO copywriting & social media strategy. Shortly thereafter she transitioned into project management for digital marketing, and later still, to account management.

Helping others is a true passion for Allison. It originally led her to journalism, and continues to drive her as an account manager. With a keen feel for the relationships in her work, she finds the best results come from understanding the wants and needs of stakeholders, and then tempering the strategy with knowledge of best practices in marketing. Empathy is Allison’s secret weapon, and she forges strong relationships with clients & team members because trust & mutual respect yield better dialogue which leads to better results.

Flexibility isn’t just a character trait, Allison’s studied yoga and has been doing splits almost as long as she’s been walking. For a “vacation” she attended a 14-day yoga teacher training in Costa Rica that began around 4 in the morning and ended at 9 pm. It was a monumental trip and personal achievement, but next time, she may opt for a poolside cabana.

Her team, meanwhile, is hoping she’ll combine her love of yoga & love of goats, and teach some goat yoga courses at the office.