photo for: Angie Vu

Hometown:Charlotte, NC – the Queen City!

Secret Talent:Shredding the keys on the piano since age 8

Pets:Wedgie & Kyan (my hedgehog & blue pit bull)

A natural scholar and strategist, Angie made her way to Tayloe/Gray after completing a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The moment she arrived on our doorstep, we knew we had found a star in the industry. Angie’s interest in marketing began at North Carolina State University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree and a spot on the co-ed cheerleading team. A die-hard Wolfpack fan, she made the decision to drop her pom-poms only after discovering the wonderful world of technical project management. To sharpen her skills, Angie tackled a variety of software projects and management roles, lending her talents and insightful strategy to Red Bull, Family Dollar, and more.

Highly motivated and always ready to cheer on her team, Angie’s most recent work expanded the TutorTrac program at UNCC where she developed new reporting standards and led learning strategy workshops for undergrad students. Truth be told, she’s 100% committed to helping others achieve greatness. Angie is also a fan of colorful office calendars and funky music, staying on top of her game by keeping an organized work environment and occasionally busting a move to some sweet rhythm and blues. What motivates Angie? The promise that all of her efforts will result in a good life for her beloved four-legged companion.