photo for: Caroline GIlley

Hometown:Wilmington, NC

Secret Talent:I can identify almost any hot sauce by taste.

Pets:None yet, but stay tuned.

"Leap and the net will appear"
-John Burroughs

Our Account Coordinator is a traveler and committed learner. From a semester abroad in Brisbane, Australia to a year teaching English in Budapest, Hungary, this Wilmington native has seen her share of continents. Her passport has stamps from New Zealand, Japan, Germany, France, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Iceland, Austria, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Each international adventure provided valuable knowledge.

In Budapest, she learned a few personal lessons (and about five words). First, she determined definitively that cold climates are not her ideal. Secondly, that Hungarian is an immensely challenging language to learn. Lastly, she realized that beaches are required within 20 miles of any place she lives.

A recent Tar Heel Alumnus, Caroline has already begun work on her master’s degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communications at Georgetown University. While she is on the early side of her professional career, her fresh perspective, complemented by her experiences, brings distinct sensibilities and approaches. Caroline has a strong appetite for new knowledge and understanding. She is bright and enthusiastic and her passion for learning will serve her well in agency work. Her philosophy is “make improvements, not excuses.”  

Caroline possesses the enviable ability to sleep through almost anything: Hurricane, Tornado Warning, Zombie Apocalypse, you name it. When she cannot indulge in sleep, there is usually a nearby mug filled to the brim with cold brew coffee. Coffee is life. Even on the coldest days of January, Caroline can be seen sipping a cold brew (or iced coffee, if she must). When a light bite seems in order, Caroline heats up her favorite snack food: Falafel. She always has some in the freezer.