photo for: Christy Leopold

Cincinnati, OH

Secret Talent:
Superior Spreadsheet Skills

Pets:2 Fluffy Mixed Havanese/Papillons – Luna and Lacy

"I can cut keys and glass, mix paint and sell grills… so a marketing career was the obvious choice."

Christy was born and raised in Ohio, but finally left and made her way to Wilmington after she could no longer stand decades of agonizing losing seasons by her beloved Cincinnati Bengals. Desperate to be associated with a winning team, she joined TG in May of 2015. Fortunately for us, Christy’s 8-pound human head is filled to the brim with marketing and advertising expertise and several years of senior level account management experience with award-winning agencies, including GSW Worldwide of Columbus, OH. Christy possesses a valuable, hard-to-find combination of talents that include exceptional communications skills, superior organizational and project management abilities, and a high level of creativity and vision.

Christy claims that one of her secret weapons in life is honesty. And we believe her because she voluntarily revealed that her seemingly limitless energy is actually just the inevitable result of a chemical reaction brought on by her diet, which primarily consists of Taco Bell Dorito Tacos, Skyline Chili and Mountain Dew products. Christy received her BS in Communications from Ohio University and she likes space heaters and cardboard cutouts of Ironman.