photo for: Danielle Burke

Hometown:North Canton, Ohio

Secret Talent:An attitude so positive that it charges solar cells

Pets:My husband

True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.
-Rick Warren

Danielle left her native Ohio for a more moderate winter. She found it in Southeastern North Carolina along with (in order of importance) a husband & a bachelor’s degree.

Attitude is one of Danielle’s strongest assets. Armed with a swath of baby blue sticky notes and an army of colored pens, she employs two important tools everyday: Curiosity & Positivity. The former helps Danielle ask the right questions, and keeps her growing into the best possible version of herself; meanwhile, her enthusiastic jubilance is contagious, and utterly sincere. Not that she never has a bad day. But, for Danielle, they are opportunities to write funny and positive stories for others to laugh at, learn from, and ultimately feel better about their own lives.

When she isn’t projecting sunlight from her smile, Danielle enjoys running, hiking and fishing. She’s proud to have completed a half-marathon, and dreams of someday owning (and naming) an offshore fishing boat. She takes comfort in her faith and church, and the hope that the Cleveland Browns will (someday) be good at football. Hey, a girl can dream!