photo for: Heather Williams

Hometown:Wilmington, NC

Secret Talent:I am an artist: Look at my work!

Pets:A Kitten: Lila

Optimism is the one quality more associated with success and happiness than any other. -Brian Tracy

A (nearly-graduated) student at Elon University and a Wilmington native, Heather is interning at Tayloe/Gray for the summer. She recently made the President’s List at Elon while working a part-time job, and pursuing her degree in Marketing. Her attitude (especially her persistence) earned her a position at Tayloe/Gray during her break from school.

She has drive and perseverance in excess, but optimism is her real secret weapon. With that indomitable attitude, Heather conquers tasks with zeal, and is happy to tackle a new problem. She can handle whatever mission is thrown at her. However, Heather’s favorite projects allow her to use her creativity and design skills.

She loves the beaches here in Southeastern North Carolina, though her favorite may be Rincon, Puerto Rico. Heather’s notebook and a smooth-gliding pen are never far from her side as she may need to sketch at a moment’s notice.