photo for: Jason Narciso

Hometown:West Greenwich, RI

Secret Talent:Air drums


"You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts." - Kahlil Gibran

Jason looks like a fresh face, but he skated the mean streets of Providence, Rhode Island back when Buddy Cianci was the mayor (the second time; after he went to prison, and got re-elected). Jason’s been around long enough to have gained the experience that only time can bring. Since studying Multimedia Design at the New England Institute of Technology, he’s worked for agencies in Rhode Island and North Carolina, even ran his own for a spell.

Throughout his career, Jason has provided comprehensive web development – focusing not only on the technical aspects of the job in front of him – but on client services, support, and accelerating workflows. As Technical Director, Jason showcases his extensive knowledge to provide customized web solutions that maximize return on investment for T/G’s growing roster of national clients.

In his youth, Jason could be found listening to Black Metal while shredding the bowl at a skatepark. Since moving South, he’s slowed down a bit. The skateboard has been semi-retired and replaced with a trail bike. Now he rages on to his favorite tunes while repairing his home – always on high volume for frequent hardware store runs. But the board still comes out sometimes.. Jason’s teaching his daughter to skate these days. 

When he’s not ‘dad-ing,’ riding, skating, working, or figuring out home improvement, Jason loves to nurture his plant collection. He’s got spider plants, succulents, and more. He enjoys transplanting them, watching them grow, and playing them “Windhand” (because plants love metal, too).

Shopify Theme Development Certification
Shopify Theme Development Certification
Miva Certified Developer
Miva Developer Certification