photo for: Josie Jenkins

Hometown:London, England

Secret Talent:Reading around 2 books a week.

Pets:Do husbands count?

People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel. -Maya Angelou

Say hello to Josie Jenkins. Much more than a lovely accent, Josie has a keen mind and loves collaboration.

After getting her BA in History and Politics at The University of Nottingham, England, Josie went on to work for a mix of top London advertising agencies before deciding to have an adventure, and moved to North Carolina in 2018. She has more than a decade of expertise in Client Services under her belt that transcends continents, having plied her trade on both sides of the Atlantic. Experienced in leading branding and advertising efforts across numerous categories, including healthcare, automotive, banking, fashion, tourism, tech and non-profit, she’s a true collaborator; bringing together clients, creatives and stakeholders get results. Here you can see (and hear) the product of one of her favorite projects she’s worked on so far; proof that when it’s done right, advertising can actually become culture.

Josie has some rather European sensibilities; a love of Scandinavian design, and a penchant for halloumi cheese (and all cheese for that matter). With the ubiquitous popularity of Ikea (along with our own mid-century leanings), and the fact that cheese is unbearably delicious, we must applaud her excellent taste.