photo for: Kylee Nyholm

Hometown:Minneapolis, MN

Secret Talent:Cooking yummy vegan food

Pets:2 lil' Shih Tzus: Finley and Bo

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"
Eleanor Roosevelt

Driven by a desire to create, connect, care and grow, Kylee discovered a passion for graphic design in high school. Since that time, manipulating typography, colors and layouts to create beautiful and informative graphics has been a major creative outlet. This is Kylee’s first agency job, but she worked in design for nearly a decade. First for her high school magazine and yearbook, and then the Communications department at Minnesota State University, Mankato. After earning her BFA in Graphic Design at MSU, she freelanced for a year and a half before joining the Experts in Awesome at Tayloe/Gray.

Kylee has a secret weapon too. It works in almost all settings to disarm the most aggressive opponents: Open-mindedness and empathy. She even extends those two guiding principles beyond the boundaries of humanity.

She’s a vegan and a huge animal lover; not just mammals, but the entire animal kingdom. You might see Kylee leaning down to save an insect. She also loves plants. They’re her favorite office accessory. Her enthusiastic affection for these two kingdoms of life forces us to wonder how she feels about the other five. What about about fungus or single-celled organisms?

Kylee believes that the only way to guarantee happiness is to work hard at the things that make you happy. Aside from her passion for design, she has a deep urge to connect to the world and see more of it. Kylee doesn’t have a favorite foreign country. While Greece has a special place in her heart, and she fell in love with Budapest during one lovely week there, it’s impossible for her to choose one. Each nation seems unique and interesting, and they almost always charm her. For instance: One night in Iceland, she and a friend were hunting for the northern lights by a waterfall when a van of guys pulled up to take pictures of the falls. These four strangers knew the area and a better place to observe the aurora borealis. After introductions and explanations, they all hopped into a van in the middle of the night to go hunt down the Northern Lights. It was not the beginning of a horror movie. They were successful, and all made it home safely.