photo for: Lydia Hazelwonder

Hometown:Nags Head, NC

Secret Talent:Multitasking

Pets:Kidderz, an American shorthair cat.

"There is little success where there is little laughter"
-Andrew Carnegie

A living dichotomy who’s quite comfortable in her contradictions, Lydia maintains a strict organization for each aspect of her life, yet she savors the thrills and the mayhem of an active existence. She can, in one breath, describe herself as incredibly organized and thriving amidst chaos.

Lydia values being well-informed, independent, realistic, and unapologetically herself. She believes that if you do your best, everything else will fall into place. Her bachelors degree, completed on academic scholarship, was a BS in Computer Science with a Business minor. She earned her Masters degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. In her undergrad work especially, she was often one of the few women in the room. Being a woman working in male-dominated fields motivates her to excel.

Most commonly, Lydia wears black. It’s the only color of clothing she willingly buys. However, she loves pink. She employs pink decorations and black attire. The exception to the rule: plants (which she adores). Unworn, living items that perform photosynthesis should be green and plentiful. She can never have too many green plants, pink decorations, or black garments.

Lydia gets up early because, she claims, she “isn’t a morning person.” Instead of breakfast and/or coffee, Lydia steps outside to photosynthesize a little bit. After that she’ll drink a little water to lift the brain fog and start her day. She’ll begin with emails and a refresh of projects and deadlines before moving into meetings. She eats lunch early, typically always consisting of some kind of fruit, and she likes to end the day working on creative tasks and hanging out with her cat pal, Kidderz.

A sunshine and beach lover, she vows to live within 15 minutes of the Atlantic Ocean forever. Lydia really enjoys socializing, and meeting new people. She also loves food; all types of food. But she doesn’t like to travel. There simply aren’t enough pink accommodations with abundant plants anywhere but home.