photo for: Maggie Pendergrass

Hometown:Wilmington, NC

Secret Talent:Obscure Knowledge and Trivia

Pets:I foster cats and dogs, but don't have my own (yet)

"To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield"
-Alfred Tennyson

Native Wilmingtonian, Maggie Pendergrass has a mind teeming with knowledge and a deep drive to learn.

After completing her undergraduate degree at ECU, Maggie attended Queens University of Charlotte, graduating with a Masters in Communication. Since grad school, she’s worked as both a marketing strategist and an account coordinator in the Cape Fear region. In her position as Account Manager, Maggie sees her role as providing evidence-based strategy and focused insight to our clients. She strives to deliver the best possible experience to clients through strong collaboration with our team along with a keen understanding of her client’s needs and audience.

Maggie has some trivial pursuits; quite literally. On Monday nights, she hosts a music and bingo trivia night at a local micro-brewery, where her personal brand of humor and intellectual inquisitiveness are the highlights of the evening. 

With an abiding love for learning new subjects and for deepening her understanding of familiar ones, Maggie is a strong partner for her clients. She’s clever and full of facts. For instance: Maggie knows Facebook has over 50,000 data points on each of its users (which could potentially be used to rebuild our digital personalities and decision-making). She also knows what makes Sonny Bono a unique individual – just ask, and be amazed.