photo for: Marlon Neveu

Hometown:Wilmington, NC

Secret Talent:Gravity Defying Hair

Pets:Bentley, a Golden Doodle

“I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.”
-Elon Musk

Marlon is a go-getter. That’s not a euphemistic word play on being an intern or “Gofer” as in “Go for some coffee, kid!” The man has been an entrepreneur since elementary school, and proved especially adept at growing audiences with organic social media posts and working with the trends of the day to further his success. Marlon’s an avid fitness enthusiast. He will geek out over food and diets. He made physical health a major focus during college, and ran his first half marathon shortly after completing his degree. 

Marlon is young. He started college at age 16 due to an early fall birthday, hard-work, and an advanced curriculum. He graduated from UNCW at age 20 with a degree in Business Administration. Soon afterwards, he applied for an internship with Tayloe/Gray. However, if we rewind a bit, we’ll see Marlon’s deep entrepreneurial roots. Incidentally, Marlon has never had to rewind anything, having been born after tape media stopped being a thing.

At the age of nine, Marlon began to work as an entrepreneur. In the years since, he’s produced animated intros for Youtube gaming channels, and created small online stores for highly hyped products to sell at a markup. For 3 years he traded stocks, and created an online community for educating others called Trendline Trading. It grew to a community of over 2,000 members with a good percentage paying monthly for extra education. His marketing was all based on TikTok back when it just began to gain steam. Spotting trends and patterns is what made him an excellent trader. Marlon has always been adept at seeing where things are, understanding where they will go, and positioning himself for success.

Embodying some of the best qualities of youth, Marlon is inquisitive, positive, and enthusiastic. His optimistic mindset spots the silver lining to every cloud. While he sees the glass as half full, Marlon isn’t wearing rose-colored glasses. He perceives the barriers to success, but knows there’s always a path through them. With faith in his ability to uplift his peers, Marlon’s always got a compliment waiting for others. He knows the positive impact a short conversation can have on others. He’s always ready to offer a flattering remark to a friend or stranger. So, be sure to reach out if you need a little pick-me-up.