photo for: Stephen Dowd

Hometown:Hudson Valley, NY

Secret Talent:Finding paradoxes, which, paradoxically, can’t be my secret talent anymore.

Pets:Tonka… my Yorkie

The only thing Stephen has spent more time doing than watching Steven Segal movies (he’s seen them all… several times) is thinking about amazing ways to enhance business processes through software application development. Stephen’s technology expertise spans 14 years and encompasses a massive list of computer languages, frameworks, databases and operating systems. Stephen possesses an impressive ability to transform gaps and opportunities in business operations into innovate, efficient software solutions.

Stephen began his career as a developer back in 2000 and eventually started his own software development company in 2006. As CEO, he ran a successful company for four years, at which time he joined TG in January of 2015. Stephen is self-motivated but gets additional inspiration from late night chocolate binges, scarcity, consumerism and lately, the color orange.

Before Stephen began his career as a developer, he earned a BS in Economics and a Masters in Computer Science from the State University of New York at New Paltz.