photo for: Tate Poisson

Hometown:Lexington, KY

Secret Talent:I can read palms

Pets:2 boxers, Raleigh and Dixie

Despite her peaceful demeanor, TG’s Paid Search Manager, Tate Poisson is a ruthless, cutthroat mathematician. Dedicated to the success of her clients, Tate spends her days writing some of the most hard-hitting ad copy the world has ever seen. With laser-like focus, she can distill an entire marketing campaign down to the minimum number of characters, all to fit neatly within paid ads that bring excellent results, time and time again. Along with slashing unnecessary words to fit within the constraints of a search ad, Tate is known to slash keyword prices and daily spends, continually working to bring projects in on budget.

Originally from Lexington, KY, Tate relocated to the Triangle to attend NC State University, and after graduation found her way to Charleston, SC. She joined TG in the summer of 2011, and has been rocking and rolling ever since. Armed with an ergonomic mouse pad and a cup of black tea, since she ran out of coffee, Tate is always finding new sources of conversions for her clients to improve their advertising ROI. In her free time she’s often found being trampled by her two Boxers, Raleigh the problem child and Dixie the old gimpy lady, and hatching a plan to raise chickens in the heart of the city of Durham.