Tayloe/Gray Black Friday Sale: Discount Taglines

As you gather with family and friends for Thanksgiving, don’t forget to take a moment to plan your shopping schedule for Black Friday! At Tayloe/Gray, we’re proud to offer an odd-ball selection of refurbished and unfinished taglines – each significantly reduced! The following taglines are up for grabs at a huge discount, just name your price:

  • We get IT.
  • Your IT Connection.
  • Technology That Elevates Your Business.
  • Innovation through Technology.
  • Problem Solved.
  • In Synced Solutions.
  • Counselor First. Attorney Second.
  • Access Alliance.
Direct Connect.
  • Goodness by the Spoonful.
  • Spread on the Goodness.
  • Propelling Brands Forward.
  • Digital Solutions for Brand Activation.

Didn’t see a tagline that fits your needs? We’re happy to create a thoughtful, custom tagline – just for you. Our brand strategists are actually quite creative (when we’re not pulling Black Friday pranks).

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!