Has Your Marketing Gone Astray?

Lost Marketing

In my years of experience as a designer, I’ve worked with many different types of companies, each with a different history of how their brand has evolved. All too often, I see a company whose brand was created years ago and is now in branding la-la land. In other words, little visual and messaging updates over time have added up to something that bears no resemblance to the original intent. The brand has become diluted, confusing, maybe even unrecognizable. The slow slide into la-la land is tied to the ebb and flow of your business:

  1. There’s been personnel turnover or new decision makers are involved
  2. Marketing manager wants to try something new
  3. Marketing trends have changed
  4. Company goals have changed
  5. Business landscape has changed

For any of these reasons, your company’s marketing can easily go astray. Unfortunately, that’s not the only problem. The cost of making small updates (to no real avail) can add up. It can be frustrating, and you probably won’t be satisfied with the piecemeal brand that’s been created. Also, by paying for advertising space when your ads are not on-brand, you may be missing costly opportunities, ultimately wasting money.


Does this sound familiar? Is your branding on track, or has it gone astray?

It’s 2017. Now’s the time for something new – partner with TG to get exactly what you want (and what you need) when it comes to your company’s brand. Don’t get lost in the clutter by adding to the marketing din. We’re experts in defining brands—giving your company a clear identity that is always recognizable, with bullet-proof messaging that is always on target. Call us today.