Do You Know SEO?

You’re probably reading this because someone told you that your website needs SEO, but do you know what SEO really means? 

Better known as Search Engine Optimization, the purpose of SEO is to show up in search engine results organically. This means that when people search the internet for specific words or phrases, your webpage shows up, ideally in the top of the search rankings without paying Google for those words.  

The problem with this is that many people are more focused on what we like to call Vanity SEO. In Vanity SEO, everyone wants to be number one, but there’s more to SEO than just being number one. Do you really want to be first for something nobody cares about? Just because someone tells you the top terms you need to rank for doesn’t mean those are the words that will lead to traffic, conversions, or even results. For instance, if your page is search engine optimized for a term your business has coined, when you search for that keyword you show up in the top results. That’s a win right? Probably not. You only win at SEO by optimizing your website and webpages to answer people’s questions. Chances are most people won’t be searching for that obscure phrase. You have to target your potential customers by giving them something that they are looking for.

Choosing the keywords or search terms that you want to target is the foundation of your SEO plan. It’s also one of the most challenging because often, terms you think will work don’t actually convert. As a result, it’s important to consider what your potential customers are actually searching for in order to find your product or service. What are they typing in Google? What do they care about?

Applying our holistic approach, we will work with you from the very beginning to develop search terms and phrases that best optimize your website, while still keeping website updates in mind; this is where we excel. As T/G Partner and CTO, Andrew Gray explains, “our approach to SEO is to focus first on building a site that best features the important information. By starting with a well-designed website, Google and other search engines will naturally rank your site well. Ranking well for specific terms can be very important, but it is only one factor in a successful digital marketing plan.” Through our comprehensive and strategic approach we can look beyond Vanity SEO and focus on the whole picture to determine your real needs.

That’s the difference between using an agency and an SEO specialist. SEO is not meant to be done piecemeal. We don’t view SEO isolation and blindly use the top 5 keywords that don’t matter to your potential customers. That doesn’t lead to conversions.  

We make sure that the keywords you’re targeting are aligned with your website and are actually converting. Ranking a page for a specific term can take a lot of time, we don’t believe you should be focused on being #1 for a term unless that term is converting. Before you spend too much effort on SEO, we will discuss other approaches with you that could be more beneficial to your business. Such as, utilizing Paid Search or a Google Adwords campaign to quickly test out a term to see if its converting before putting too much effort behind it.With the help of our full-service marketing firm, team T/G can help you tackle more than just keywords. Through our pioneering strategy, we help you get the highest return on investment by addressing everything on the front end and the backend that affects SEO in the most efficient way. Even after our initial SEO efforts for your website are complete, our efforts don’t end there. Through our comprehensive monitoring plan, we will continue to review your site regularly and recommend suggestions for your website based on our findings.

Ready to talk SEO? We can help you with SEO individually or as a part of the Tayloe/Gray Marketing Blueprint. Reach out to us to today to find out how we can get your business the conversions you’re looking for.

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