Crane NXT

The Client

Providing trusted technology solutions to secure, detect, and authenticate what matters most. Crane NXT is a premier industrial technology company providing Micro-Optic Security, Integrated Detection & Sensing Systems, and Connectivity Solutions to customers throughout the world.

The Challenge

Crane NXT's website design and development was a challenge Tayloe Gray was excited to take on. The goal was to build a new site for Crane NXT in time for the company’s IPO debut on the New York Stock Exchange. Our key objectives included modernizing the look and feel of the new brand for web development and seamlessly connecting design and user experience to Crane NXT’s Investor Relations portal. Additionally, the new site needed to strongly reflect the company’s core values, culture, technical capabilities and growth mindset.

T/G worked closely with Crane NXT leadership to understand their goals and needs. We conducted extensive research and analysis to identify the most effective design and content strategies.

The Results

Crane NXT's website was successfully completed and launched prior to IPO. The site reflects the company's advanced capabilities, culture and values while providing an intuitive user experience to its Investor Relations portal. Overall, the design and development has resulted in a beautiful and functional representation of Crane NXT brand and offers users an easy-to-navigate experience.

Client Snapshot

Brand Strategy & Development icon Brand Strategy & Development
Brand Identity & Visuals icon Brand Identity & Visuals
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Custom Web Development icon Custom Web Development
Videography & Animation icon Videography & Animation


A strong brand identity is a crucial component of any successful website. For Crane NXT, we had the opportunity to refine and enhance their brand identity to create a cohesive and memorable online presence.

While we didn't create the Crane NXT logo, we worked closely with their team to develop a comprehensive brand style guide. This guide includes updated colors, typography, and guidelines for the logo's usage across various mediums, ensuring a consistent and unified look and feel.

In addition to the style guide, we also designed a range of brand collateral for Crane NXT. This includes business cards, a PowerPoint presentation template, email signature, and letterhead. Each piece was designed to align with the new brand identity, creating a cohesive and professional look across all touchpoints.

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Tayloe Gray's approach to the Crane NXT website design and development was centered on delivering a seamless and efficient user experience. One of the key strategies was building and designing the site with reusable and interchangeable components on each page. This allowed for streamlined development, site updates, and maintenance. Additionally, this approach enabled the site to have uniquely arranged layouts with a familiar look and feel on a page-by-page basis.

To enhance engagement, our team integrated visual enhancements such as looping video, animated GIFs, carousels, and CSS animation. These features added an element of interactivity and captivation to the user experience.

T/G worked collaboratively with a third party to develop a seamless Investors Relations portal that matched the look, feel, and functionality of the main site. This provided a cohesive and comprehensive user experience for Crane NXT's investors and stakeholders. Crane NXT website exemplifies the highest standard in modern web design and development.

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During the design phase of the project we created several versions of the website for final approval. We wanted to show off some of the other designs that didn't make it to the final round.

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Invision Mockups

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Invision Mockups

GREAT JOB on the website! It really looks fantastic. I hope you all feel great about it.

Aaron W. Saak, President & Chief Executive Officer

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