Thank you for attending MFGCON 2017

We hope you enjoyed MFGCON as much as we did! Thank you to everyone who was able to stop by our booth. If you missed us, we would like to take the time to introduce you to our Marketing Blueprint. Our process is perfect for B2B and Industrial clients who want to grow their business or need help getting started with marketing. Our team of experts will work with your team to develop a custom plan for your business.

The Tayloe/Gray Marketing Blueprint begins with a series of workshops, designed to deep dive into your business and build our partnership. We’ll travel the journey together, creating an insightful strategy with optimized results.

Our team creates a detailed, robust plan customized to your business and delivered to you at the completion of this initiative. The result is a tactical marketing plan with impactful goals, detailed planning, and accurate budgets. All of this adds up to successful engagement and great results for our clients.

Download the full proposal below for all the details or watch either of the videos on this page to learn more.

We partnered with CTS to reinvent their brand and help them break into new markets.

Cincinnati Thermal Spray was positioned to be a national player in their industry, but the CTS team struggled with making their presence known. After a thorough Marketing Blueprint, they were able to not only pursue a new brand with logo, positioning and tagline, but also a full modern website redesign, informative videos, targeted digital marketing and a number of other projects that showcase their expertise and innovation. We continue to partner with them to this day, pursuing new initiatives in sales, branding and marketing, and have helped them build their business nationwide.

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Thank you!

We are excited for the opportunity to partner with your team to further your marketing efforts. We look forward to getting started! (800) 620-8480