Show. Don't Tell.

Writers have been repeating this mantra for as long as symbols have been carved into rocks (or just about). Why?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what about an immersive 3-D model? How many words is that worth?

Tayloe/Gray is proud to offer a product designed to give you and your clients a complete model of your facilities! It’s VR capable, but only requires a screen and internet connection to view. You can take visitors on a tour without asking them to leave their desks (or even their smartphones). The features and possibilities are immense.

On the right is a scan we did for Bike Cycles: a retail store in Wilmington, NC which offers bike fitting, and repair services along with a large inventory of many types of cycles. Want to see a full-page rendering? click here.

If you’d like to see our digital Christmas card (A Tayloe/Gray tradition) click here. Look around the room to get a feel for some of the capabilities.

What businesses can use 3-D models?

  • Real estate – both Commercial and Residential listings can benefit from a virtual model of the space; allowing buyers to tour, view, see measurements, and “walk through” without having to travel.
  • Rental Communities – With our scans, you can show off your amenities and available units with easily-embedded links.
  • Engineering and Construction – Tours of raw spaces, or in-progress builds are easily managed. Additionally, our renderings are 99% accurate, so most dimensions can be grabbed right from the model if needed.
  • Travel and Hospitality – Show off your rooms, banquet halls, and all the great features you offer travelers.
  • Cultural Institutions – Allow people to visit your museum from across the world. Show off your collections and give prospective visitors a chance to walk through your galleries and exhibits.
  • Retail – Want to give online customers a way to see your goods and even buy them? Our models can link specific locations to your online store (even to specific merchandise).

What can these models do?

  • Models are 99% dimensionally accurate.
  • Models are easily embedded in webpages (As simply as a Youtube video) and play on any browser without extra downloads or software.
  • Let your visitors walk through on their own, create guided tours, and even restrict access to certain areas of your model.
  • Add information, tidbits, facts, trivia and links.
  • Easily-embedded links in your model can take visitors to video or audio files, webpages, photos, and more!
  • Tag objects to give a more complete story of your brand, location or institution.
  • Easily create well-labeled, and dimensionally-accurate floor plans.
  • 3 different views are available of the models: Floor Plan is a top-down view, Dollhouse is a view from the side, and in 3-D mode, one can “walk” through the space at one’s own pace.

Want to see what our office looks like?

Press the play button for a tour, or just click around and “walk” through.

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