When it comes to branding for your business, it’s more than just a name. How people perceive your brand and your offerings is integral to your success. Branding encompasses everything about your business, from who you are and what you do, to your reputation and the quality of your offerings.

As brand partners, we’re experts in more than just awesome. Our brand strategists apply a holistic approach to branding that encompasses a variety of branding services and strategic solutions. By starting your company’s professional brand efforts with Tayloe/Gray, we can take your business through the entire branding journey—from design to development.

Even after all of the branding stages are complete, we continue to grow your business through brand marketing. This holistic approach allows us to fully capture your brand’s voice, vision and identity, and provide the brand help you need.

Marketing Blueprint

Central to our branding efforts is our Marketing Blueprint. While branding occupies only a small part of our larger marketing plan, the T/G Marketing Blueprint is our strategic approach to what we believe is the driving force behind successful marketing and branding. Our Marketing Blueprint enables us to really dig into your business and brand to figure out what makes it tick. During the branding phase of the Marketing Blueprint process we will utilize brand marketing tactics and incorporate branding concepts such as strategic planning, brand development, brand positioning, brand strategy and logo design.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning leads to smart branding solutions. We use strategic planning to identify both your brand goals and the tactical process needed to bring your brand identity and vision to life.  From there, we work with you to determine what methods and tools should be utilized to best accomplish your branding and business objectives.

Brand Development

Your brand is your voice and your voice is what speaks to people. Imagine if your brand was a person, what would that person be like? During brand development we work with you to figure out what that voice sounds like. From the type of tone you want your voice to have, to the adjectives that are associated with your brand, the brand development process is essential to connecting with your audience and communicating what your business is all about.

Brand Positioning

Before you can identify your voice, you need to hone in on brand positioning and brand messaging. This ensures the way your brand is viewed in a customer’s mind. Do you know how your target audience views your brand? What about how you stack up against the competition? By starting with brand positioning and key messaging we can figure out what makes your brand unique and how you want it to resonate with your customers.

Brand Strategy

How you put your brand out in the public once everything is in place dictates the future of your brand. What type of presence do you want to have? How do you want to engage with people?  A strong brand strategy affects the customer during every stage of the buying journey. The brand strategy you choose will ultimately determine whether you gain wins during the preference, purchase and loyalty stages. Through our brand services, we create a brand strategy that leverages your brand to ensure customers view it the way you want them to.

Logo Design

Logo design involves more than just designing a cool look. A logo and its colors convey the unique personality of your brand. By focusing on branding, we help you create fluency from your logo to your color palette.