photo for: Chris Hayden


Secret Talent:Table Shuffleboard Wizard

Pets:Sunny (Malamute), Sansa (Malamute), & Oliver (Tabby Lion)

"Life's a river. Grab a paddle."

A long-time collaborator with the Tayloe/Gray team, Chris Hayden has been churning out visual treats since graduating from Appalachian State with a BFA in Graphic Design. Not just a father to some great kids, he is the creator of Brandy Moo, our very own cow logo (It’s all about the brand!). Chris lives in and loves the mountains, but he doesn’t miss a beat when working with the crew by the beach.

Chris enjoys all the beauty that the mountains of North Carolina can offer, and loves to share that joy and sense of wonder with his family. Depending upon the season, you’ll find him paddling some whitewater, gardening, camping, hiking, hitting the links, dipping lines in the water, or snowboarding.

All that exercise makes Chris’ second favorite activity a little more enjoyable: Cooking (and, of course, eating) food from across the globe. From curries to tacos, and from sushi to smoked meats, he enjoys preparing and sampling gastronomic delights of all kinds. And his love of variety does not end there. Chris loves music. He’s a connoisseur of sound both live and recorded.

After the hike has ended, the dishes are done, and the last 12-inch has been put back into it’s sleeve, Chris relaxes the way mountain men have for ages; picking up an axe. Nothing quite fills him with as much peace as splitting and stacking wood so the stove can crackle away for weeks in the winter.