photo for: Dave Gould

Hometown:Cary, NC

Secret Talent:If revealed, it wouldn't be a secret's a catch-22.

Pets:A Pair of German Shepherds: Barron and Lucy

"Be Polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet."
-General James "Mad Dog" Mattis

Dave is not a new kid on the block. Like many men of his generation, he recalls their meteoric rise to success during his adolescence with a little indignation.

In all seriousness, Dave’s cultivated deep experience in both the digital and physical worlds.

As a digital creator since the 90’s, Dave’s been building for and navigating the World Wide Web back when the World-Wide part was more hypothetical than real.

There’s been a lot of change during his career, and he has rolled with it, growing his skill set as the technology changed. He’s been on WordPress since version 1.0 was released in 2007. He built his first website back in 1996 (when the Earth was young and Wooly Mammoths roamed the land). 

In the mid-2000’s, Dave earned the title of United States Marine; an achievement which still makes him proud. Serving honorably for 6 years, he rose to the rank of Corporal.  

Neatly pairing with his military service is another fact of Dave’s life. For 30 years, he has been a massive fan of The Grateful Dead and Phish. He’s been to well over 100 shows, and even went on tour with Phish for 4 years.

In his decades as a Marine/student/hippie/web developer, many things have changed. WordPress reached version 6.3. The Grateful Dead lost Jerry (and, apparently, the gratitude) and became just The Dead. The internet went from a hard-to-navigate complex web of pages and links, to one with robust search engines, and features that early web developers could only dream about. However, some things have not and will not change: Dave’s love for unadulterated black coffee; free from sweeteners or other impurities. His diligence hasn’t flagged with time, nor his philosophy: Do good work.