photo for: Jonathan Murphy

Hometown:Boston, MA

Secret Talent:I can do the Moonwalk.

Pets:Reilly and Bella (Pitbulls) and Muriel (Turtle)

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I'll remember. Involve me and I learn.
-Chinese Proverb

Pixel pusher by day, culinary master by night, Jonathan Murphy is a bit like an onion. His scent will not make you cry, but he has layers: graphic designer, gardener, chef, tennis player, animal lover, and dutiful son to name just a few.

Jonathan starts work days with a cup of tea. He ends them (sometimes) with a box of Extra Toasty Cheez-Its. In between, with his T/G mug firmly in hand, and a passion to succeed, Jonathan creates digital magic for your eyes.

Originally from Boston, he moved to Wilmington in 2009. Jonathan spent 12 years working in graphic design and as a Creative Director before coming to Tayloe/Gray. His experience at all levels of the creative process from beginning to end gives him a deep understanding of what it takes to make successful campaigns, beautiful designs and compelling art.

As a designer, Jonathan creates user experiences that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also as instinctive and simple as possible. The design must primarily ensure the user can navigate the interface to meet the end goal. In his own words, “Less is more and the design shouldn’t contain anything that doesn’t serve a purpose.”

When asked about a favorite project from his past, Jonathan spoke of one of his first projects: an international ad campaign for PUMA. “Not only did I get to create the ad concept in multiple languages but I also got to be the model for the shoes in the ad. It was my first experience working with a big budget and working in a professional photography studio. With the guidance of my Art Director, I got to see my first BIG creative vision come to life. It was definitely a memorable experience in my career.”