How do you get over 50% open rate on your next email campaign?

Simple, give out free cupcakes.

Our most recent email campaign for Coastal Cupcakes is a contest that lets subscribers have a chance to win a free dozen cupcakes. The campaign features a custom email and webpage that checks to see if the subscriber is a winner.  Winners get a free dozen cupcakes, everyone else randomly gets another prize or a coupon. The campaign features custom programming and our new email system.

The first month had incredible stats.

  • 50.1% of people opened the email
  • 86% clicked on a link in the email
  • <1% unsubscribe
  • 0 people marked it as spam

To enter the contest, stop by either Coastal Cupcake location and fill out the card at the counter. Or you can click here to enter online.

Only one email per month, unsubscribe at any time.