photo for: Nathan Tayloe

Hometown:Winston-Salem, N.C.

Secret Talent:Being two places at once.

Pets:Teddy and GiGi, Shih Tzus and Grace & Abby, the Yorkie Princesses. Lots and lots of fish!

“I love working with companies that invent and manufacture their own products. I love the creative process of starting a brand and watching them evolve into successful companies.”

Nathan is much more than Owner and CEO at Tayloe/Gray. A born leader, Nathan earned full Eagle Scout by age 15, an honor he shares with a select group of individuals including 39 NASA astronauts, 27 current members of Congress, and one former US President. Where do you go after an accomplishment like this? To UNCW of course, where he achieved a BA in Business Marketing. This degree launched his career forward and helped him to discover his true passion: eCommerce development and software management.

Always ahead of developing trends, Nathan launched his own web company shortly after college and quickly expanded his portfolio to more than 150 clients. Building his business from scratch taught him many important lessons, which he utilizes today to help clients build their own businesses from the ground up. From established corporations to gutsy start-ups, he knows what it takes to bring client ideas and creations into the world. As Chief Executive Officer at Tayloe/Gray, there is never a project that leaves the office without Nathan’s finishing touches.

Armed with plenty of Mountain Dew, an endless playlist of old school jams, and enough monitors to make any developer jealous (the last count was five), Nathan is a technical powerhouse and creative force at Tayloe/Gray. When he’s not cranking away in the office or kicking back at home with his love Vanessa and their children (Teddy and GiGi Shih Tzus, Princess Grace, and Princess Abby – the Yorkies), Nathan loves to travel, cast a line, and play a round of golf with clients and friends. When in doubt, Nathan knows that ‘well done is better than well said.’

Miva Certified Developer
Miva Developer Certification
Google Analytics
Google Analytics Certification