Christmas Arrived Early for eCommerce Businesses

It Has Arrived

At the ripe age of 22, eCommerce platform, Miva has launched version 10, and we are exhilarated.

The State of Commerce

The coronavirus pandemic forced an even larger swath of commerce online. Spending habits are changing, and eCommerce has never been more important. Brands have an uncommon opportunity to increase their market share in a large and meaningful way during this period of disruption. 

There’s a lot of competition in eCommerce platforms, and we’ve used more than a few of them. But we have been a Miva crew since before Tayloe/Gray was even incorporated.

Why do we use Miva?

For enterprise eCommerce clients, Miva is the solution. Handling multitudes of SKUs gracefully is one reason. Another is that Miva allows us to make an eCommerce site more than just a storefront. It’s not just that Miva is fast and flexible, though it is. Most eCommerce platforms add features by allowing plug-ins from third parties, while Miva builds those functions right into the platform. Their commitment to adding functionality into the Miva platform itself ensures that an update from one party or another isn’t going to (for example) shut down the blogs on your site, or stop transactions.

What’s New?

The recent release of Miva 10 has brought big changes to the veteran eCommerce platform. 

  1. A new admin UI crafted to make workflow quicker & easier. 
  2. Improved reporting tools help target audiences & gauge ROI.
  3. PayPal Checkout brings greater security & more options for payment.
  4. Enhanced B2B payment, pricing & tax-exempt options.
  5. Personalized pricing and availability based on individual or business account level.
  6. Real-time views of customer activity let your team monitor & assist shoppers.
  7. Unlimited developer environments along with the ability to easily revert, swap, copy, or merge builds.

When we asked our developers what part they were most excited, #7 was the big winner. Miva has always been a powerful platform that handles large amounts of data with speed and accuracy. But the ability to create unlimited environments, copy them, push them live, or revert to older versions quickly and easily is a game-changer for Miva and for developers. 

UI Improvements & More

Our clients will find the new admin panel easier to use and better organized with the most important information easily visible. Bulk editing and easy sorting allows users to easily alter and organize their inventory. Miva 10 also brings features to help businesses catch every sale. Using its real-time views of shoppers and their carts, address verification, checkout assistance, new payment options, and failed transaction review, there’s no reason to lose a sale due to a typo ever again.

Tayloe/Gray has building enterprise website on  Miva for more than a decade. Miva 10 ensures we will continue to use it for years to come.

We are Miva Agency Partners and would love to give you a quote on your eCommerce project.