13 Years!

Thirteen years! They passed quickly, but when we look back there’s so much to reflect upon.

So many campaigns, flyers, brochures, websites, redesigns, and rebrands…so many problems solved and pain points eliminated. So many great businesses we’ve had the good fortune to work with and help grow. So many dynamic and amazing individuals from our clients and their people, to the present and former Tayloe/Gray team members. 

We’ve come a long way from our first office; a few hundred square feet above the cupcake shop . We’ve got thousands of square feet now. We may miss the cupcakes once in a while, but our waistlines are happy we moved.

We’re a regional force with a national presence, but we aren’t done growing. Growth doesn’t stop when we hit an arbitrary age or goal. We’ve spent the past few years building an agency where one can have a career, not just a job. We’ve cultivated a culture that values individuals, encourages collaboration, and provides support. Our benefits package keeps improving, and will continue to do so.

And we have fun together. A global pandemic may have put a crimp in our regularly scheduled shenanigans, but it couldn’t stop us entirely. 

We have goals, plans, and dreams. We want to produce work that astounds, entices, and earns awards. We want to grow, and make Tayloe/Gray an even better company to work with and for. We want to have the best team, offer the best service, and have the most fun. 

Yes, thirteen years, and many more to come!