4 Steps to Start Copywriting

4 Ways to Start Copywriting

Your brand, products, and services are unique. It requires a bespoke message and voice — written in a tone that resonates with your preferred audience in an engaging, genuine, and memorable way. Before writing, the creative team at Tayloe/Gray utilizes a simple 4-step process to carefully extract the important elements and details required to produce all types of content. 


Before writing, we work to get to know and understand your target audience. Beyond technical demographics — such as age, gender, and income — our creative team strives to be familiar with their mood, habits, and concerns. It’s important to be as detailed as possible when describing your target. 

  • Who is our target audience or consumer, and what do they really want?
  • What situation will they be in when they read this?
  • What are their likes, priorities, worries, and dreams?

Copywriting Example —

Luxury travelers, affluent couples between 30-60 yrs old who enjoy discovering new places. They are trendsetters, not trend followers with high standards who appreciate being catered to. They have refined tastes and are looking for something genuine to share and show off to others. 


To identify the aim or purpose of a copywriting piece, we narrow it by category and publication method. It starts by asking: Is this copy meant to boost brand awareness, inform or teach, encourage a consumer to buy, or announce an important update? Next, our design team will need the technical details for where the piece will be published to meet those expectations. 

  • What do we want to achieve with this copy?
  • Where will this content be published? 

Example continued — 

Create excitement and inform. A new luxury hotel is open and ready for overnight guests. This content will be featured in digital and print publications made for high-roller travelers. The article is a 1-page spread with photos. 


Let the fun begin. With the audience and aim established, it’s time to dive into what makes this business, product, or service unique. Our copywriters make a list and narrow in on the unique value or selling proposition (UVP or USP). Essentially, a clear statement that describes the benefit, how you solve a consumer’s needs, and how this distinguishes you from the competition. 

  • What does the described business, product, or service provide consumers?
  • What is new, different, or unique about it?

Example continued — 

A new luxury hotel offering substance, story, and soul. Historic yet high-class with premium linens, modern amenities, and high-touch service — guests enjoy effortless, turn-key overnight experiences here. Cozy bedroom suites, inviting bourbon room, and exceptional fine dining under one roof — this hotel is a premier destination, not just a place to stay. 

Desired reaction

When closing in on the desired reader reaction, our creative team always refers back to the aim and audience. Depending on where the content is published, the desired reaction may be different. For example, in a print article readers may be directed to a website or phone number to learn more. Alternatively, a digital article could link to a landing page with a lead form for direct contact. 

  • What do we want people to do, think, and feel when they read the copy?

Example continued — 

Think next-generation luxury travel. We want guests to feel uplifted, valued, and catered to with boutique service since they value authentic, memorable moments. This hotel gives them more to love, something to write home about, and come back to. Online reservations are open and guests are encouraged to select their dates. 

Is copywriting not really your thing? We’re branding experts happy to provide complete content services, including brand foundation and product messaging. From mission, vision, and values to brand collateral, website content, and advertising campaigns — Tayloe/Gray is here to convey and present your business the right way.