Black Friday, Big Bucks

Background car image with text overlay reading: New Case Study: AutoTecknic Black Friday Sale.

How was your Black Friday Sale?

For AutoTecknic, it was a busy time.

During their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, AutoTecknic moved deep into the black. They made one major change this past year: Working with Tayloe/Gray.

As a full-service digital agency, we have a range of talented individuals who specialize in driving growth for our clients. That includes graphic designers who ensure your emails are clear and gorgeous. Our copywriters create compelling messages to entice your customers. Our digital marketers plan the perfect times, places, and people to reach for maximum ROI.

The results of our BF/CM campaign for AutoTecknic:

  • Google Ads: 20x return on ad spend. Every dollar spent made $20.51 in revenue.
  • Email Marketing: Averaged out for the entire month of November, each email brought in $11,400 in revenue.  
  • Gross Sales: 129% year-over-year revenue increase from BF/CM compared with 2022. November 2023 revenue was 65% greater than November 2022. 

Tayloe/Gray can’t take all the credit for a successful campaign. AutoTecknic is a great company with great people who provide great products. 

But we have seen repeatedly that superior products and services don’t always garner the attention they deserve. There’s so much noise in modern marketing. Sponsored ads are everywhere. Pop-ups keep popping up. Inboxes are getting stuffed with promotional emails that will never be read.

We help our clients get above the noise, and stand-out among the competition. Our team takes immense pride in helping businesses grow their revenue streams and reputations.

So we ask again, how was your Black Friday Sale? 

Want to see your revenue balloon like AutoTecknic? Reach out to us, and we’ll help make 2024 your best year yet.