Outdoor Speaker Depot

The Client

Outdoor Speaker Depot is a global leader in custom-designed, engineered, manufactured, and distributed high-quality home audio products. With an in-house design and engineering team, they create products that seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with consumer-friendly setup and usage.

The Challenge

Blog Migration: The initial challenge lay in migrating a substantial volume of blog articles to WordPress. Despite the volume, we executed a seamless transition.

Custom Search Function: Implementing a custom search function for the blog section, while vital for improving user experience, presented unique challenges that required meticulous consideration and execution.

Resource Page Migration: Transferring a significant number of resource pages from Miva to WordPress posed a challenge due to the volume and complexity of the content. Our team efficiently executed this migration, ensuring all resources remained readily accessible.

Styling Customization: Achieving the desired styling for blog presentation across various sections of the website, including the homepage, product pages, and single blog posts, required meticulous customization to ensure a consistent and visually appealing user experience.

Testing Complexity: Rigorous testing was essential during the Route Integration phase. We encountered challenges, particularly related to SMS notifications, which required extensive testing and troubleshooting to ensure seamless functionality.

Identifying URL Discrepancies: After a thorough investigation, we determined that the SMS notification issues were linked to URL discrepancies within the code. This was resolved by working closely with Route to ensure an exact match URL in the Admin of Route.

The Results

This comprehensive technological transformation significantly improved Outdoor Speaker Depot's digital capabilities, enhancing user experience, content management, and order-tracking functionality, despite the challenges encountered.

Through our analytics audit process, we were able to determine that the value of a new customer exceeds that of a returning customer, so in an effort to further optimize ad spend, campaigns were built with the objective of finding new customers.

Additionally, we reviewed the available products to identify the greatest revenue drivers and created campaigns that were focused on producing the greatest ROAS possible. Our selection of tactics resulted in a 12% increase in revenue and a 15% increase in order value when compared to the previous year all culminating in a ROAS of 1,300%.

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Client Snapshot

Digital Marketing icon Digital Marketing
Custom Web Development icon Custom Web Development
eCommerce icon eCommerce


Outdoor Speaker Depot came to T/G with the goal of taking their already established digital marketing presence to new heights, specifically in regards to their return-on-ad-spend or ROAS.

To accomplish that task we began with an audit of the ODSD Google Ads account setup to review keyword and audience segmentation, budget fatigue, and top impression share.

Once we identified the greatest areas of improvement we began segmenting the audience and keyword groupings to better reflect the user purchase journey. By utilizing images, videos, headlines, and descriptions that spoke more directly to where customers found themselves at any given time in the purchase cycle we were able to increase ad click-through rate and drive an increase in revenue.

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We enjoy working closely with Tayloe Gray to manage our Google Ad campaigns. Lee and Marc are easily accessible, listen to our wants, and take constructive action. The relationship has been very productive.

Dave Chai – CEO, Audio Gear Group


Enhanced Content Management: We seamlessly integrated WordPress with Miva, providing Outdoor Speaker Depot with an enhanced content management system. This integration streamlined content updates and management processes.

Improved Blogging Experience: We transferred the blog section from Scot Blogger to WordPress, enhancing the styling and user-friendliness of the blog platform. We successfully incorporated blog posts into the homepage and product pages, creating a cohesive user experience. We also implemented a feature allowing related products to be displayed on blog posts, facilitating easy navigation and purchases.

Effortless Resource Page Management: All resource pages were migrated from Miva to WordPress, simplifying updates and enabling the addition of documents as needed. This transition greatly improved the efficiency of managing and maintaining these critical resources.

Customized Contact Forms: To enhance user interaction and customization, we replaced the contact form from Miva with Gravity Forms in WordPress. This transition not only simplified updates but also provided greater flexibility in tailoring contact forms to meet specific needs.

Streamlined Video Management: We migrated all videos to WordPress, offering an intuitive and customizable platform for managing multimedia content. This change enhanced ease of use and customization capabilities.

Live Order Tracking: We successfully integrated Route Tracking software into the website, giving customers real-time updates on their order status. This feature allows customers to track their orders conveniently through the app or SMS notifications.

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