photo for: Katie Solinski

Hometown:New Egypt, NJ

Secret Talent:Creating fun and beautiful spreadsheets to organize information.

Pets:Winnie, some type of Shepherd mix.

"Nothing is impossible to a willing heart."
-John Heywood

Manifesting that rare mixture of experience, technical skills, brains, creativity, and drive, Katie joined Tayloe/Gray to create compelling social content for our clients and increase engagement with audiences. Or, as she puts it, “utilize the fact that I’m chronically online to come up with fun ways to engage followers.”

As a voracious media consumer, Katie is in the habit of binging programs. Her ever-expanding cultural knowledge provides a voluminous repository of material to reference in her social media work. Her prodigious appetite isn’t limited by medium. She devours TV shows, movies, and books at a head-spinning pace. 

One thing she doesn’t consume: PB&J sandwiches.

Katie is not allergic to Peanut Butter (but she has made that claim in the past). As a child, when they began to have peanut-free tables in the lunchroom, Katie happily volunteered to sit there. She hates Peanut Butter. 

After graduating from UNCW, this daughter of the Garden State worked for five years at the Wilson Center, Wilmington’s venue for concerts and Broadway shows. Katie distinguished herself with creativity, competence, and initiative. Starting as an intern, she rose through the ranks to the position of Communications Manager. In that position, she masterminded the social media accounts for both the Wilson Center and the Wilma W Daniels Art Gallery. While there, Katie’s nimble mind and deft mastery of new software and technology earned her the nickname “Whiz Kid.”

To promote a series of musicals called “Greetings from Broadway.” She modeled the design on Bruce Springsteen’s “Greetings from Asbury Park” album (you can take the girl outta Jersey, but you can’t take the Jersey outta the girl), incorporating graphics for each of the nine shows, and an aerial shot of New York City into the design. 

With a deft command of creativity and cultural references, filtered through an extensive knowledge of social media processes and trends, we believe our clients will be thrilled with her results. Katie creates things we truly enjoy. We are thrilled to have her talents at Tayloe/Gray, even if she hates Peanut Butter. 

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