5 Reasons to Run a Social Media Audit

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Social media, now more than ever, has become a valuable marketing resource for any business. It allows you to connect directly with your audience in a way traditional marketing and advertising efforts can’t. Just like your car needs an oil change to run efficiently, you should audit your social media on a regular basis to ensure maximum visibility and impact.

1. Understand the data to help you strategize

Data matters. Social media can be a fun way to interact with your audience, but it can also produce measurable results. Taking the time to analyze your social media insights can help you determine if you are accomplishing your goals with your current strategies, track those results, and measure progress over time.

2. Generate new content ideas

Social media is all about the content. It can be challenging to keep your content fresh and follow all the latest trends. An audit can help you understand what’s worked in the past, so you can reinvent for the present. It can give you a fresh perspective, inspiring something new.

3. Ensure brand consistency

Brand consistency is integral to your business’s success. Your customers and clients should be able to recognize you on any platform. Think profile pictures, cover photos, contact information, bios, links, etc. You may have had multiple people managing your socials or accounts made at different times. An audit lays everything on the table to nail down inconsistencies so you can optimize each platform.

4. Optimize for greater reach & engagement

Identify what works best for your brand in terms of what you post about, types of content you post, frequency, date/time, and more to ensure expanded reach and engagement. Make the algorithms work for you.

5. Empower your team with smart tactics

A social media audit is a great way to educate your team on the power of social media and what your presence can accomplish for the business. The audit can help you decode the lingo and jargon of the social media world with real-life examples from your existing platforms. It also creates a touchpoint to reevaluate your strategy on a regular basis.

Looking to get more out of your social media, but unsure of where to start? We can help! Tayloe/Gray is now offering a Social Media Audit service where we’ll evaluate your overall social presence in terms of where you are now, what’s working, and where you can improve.

What’s included:

A comprehensive deck with 15-20 pages of in-depth analysis

A walkthrough (in-person or zoom presentation) of your audit with our social media team 

How comprehensive are we talking?

We’ll analyze each of your social platforms, collecting data on followers, impressions/reach, and engagement to determine what’s working and generate recommendations for improvement. We’ll also take a peek at your local and/or national competitors to see how you compare. Beyond the data, we’ll look at optimizing each platform for consistency and accuracy.

Ready to get started? We are too.

Please reach out to our T/G Accounts Team at accounts@tayloegray.com. We look forward to helping you elevate your social media presence. Want to take your business visibility to the next level? Combine the Social Media Audit with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) + Google My Business (GMB) Roadmap to Success. Learn more.