Part II – The Customer Journey | What’s in the Marketing Blueprint?

If you are like most business owners and marketing professionals, chances are at some point you have wanted to improve the customer experience at your company. However, without an advanced understanding of the customer journey and your personas, marketing efforts to improve your customer experience can become futile.  

Imagine you are a customer interacting with your brand or business for the first time. How did you discover it? What did you do next? Did you buy the product or choose the service? These stages of interaction, known as the customer journey, are an important first step in the Tayloe/Gray Marketing Blueprint.

Much like an ecosystem, the customer journey encompasses everything that surrounds a customer and how they interact with your product. By creating a customer journey for your business, we are able to learn how to best impact your customers by looking at it from the customer’s point of view. This process doesn’t involve just one single tactic, it involves an entire host of tactics that create a story along the way for a customer. Together, we work not only to identify your individual customers, but also to extensively explore who those people are and what each of their journeys look like at every stage along the way.

Once we establish your customer journey, it doesn’t end here. Because it is a continuous process, we are constantly looking at what messages are resonating and what things are working, in addition to frequently revisiting the Marketing Blueprint to reassess and analyze what we put together in order to ensure our strategy of testing and optimization is producing the best outcomes for your business.

Ready to discover your customer journey? Reach out to us to learn more about the Tayloe/Gray Marketing Blueprint or the customer journey process, and how they can transform your customer experience.

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