Crane Pumps & Systems

The Client

Crane Pumps & Systems is your trusted partner in wastewater transportation and management — setting the bar higher with each innovation. For more details, visit their website at Crane Pumps & Systems

The Challenge

Crane Pumps & Systems approached us based on recommendations from two of their affiliated companies, Crane Company and Crane NXT, impressed by the work that we had done to redesign and launch their websites - which earned Gold and Silver Davey Awards in 2023. We gladly accepted the referral and welcomed the opportunity to apply our design expertise to another Crane website. Given Crane Pumps & Systems' position as a product-oriented company with a vast array of products and multiple sales platforms, organizing extensive content into a cohesive and intuitive format posed a complex challenge.

The Results

The Tayloe/Gray team utilized the clients' Figma vision board as a guide for our design process and conducted thorough research to understand the diverse markets and applications for their products. The outcome is a carefully designed and user-friendly website that harmonizes with the Crane Company Corporate appearance while also establishing its unique branding to align with the existing Crane Pumps & Systems brand theme and color palette.

Client Snapshot

Brand Identity & Visuals icon Brand Identity & Visuals
Custom Web Development icon Custom Web Development


The meticulously planned design facilitated an intuitive navigation, allowing visitors to explore the company's extensive range of products across various markets. We maintained the existing branding but updated the color scheme to emphasize the accent orange color. We also conducted image research to enhance the visual appeal. The design process focused on creating a user-friendly layout that highlighted the extensive product catalog while maintaining a cohesive look with the Crane Company Corporate appearance.

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This website development project involved building and migrating to a new WP Engine platform, while ensuring optimal performance on both desktop and mobile devices. Key features of the site build included an interactive scrolling timeline showcasing the company's rich history and seamless access to an external link to view current job openings. Detailed product information in comprehensive catalogs and downloadable PDF spec sheets were loaded and managed seamlessly with a Paligo Component Content Management System (CCMS) for technical documentation.

Behind the scenes, our technical experts developed a program to automatically update new PDF files, ensuring users never miss important product detail updates. Additionally, the team worked closely with the client’s IT team to enable a sophisticated “How to Buy” API plug-in for customers to locate worldwide Sales Distributors, searchable via zip codes or province/country.

Overall, the successful launch of the Crane Pumps & Systems website reflects our team's expertise and dedication to delivering a user-friendly and informative online experience.

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