4 Signs Your Business is Ready for a Rebrand

4 Signs Your Business is Ready for a Rebrand

What is a rebrand? And how do you know when it’s time for your business to reach out to a branding agency? 

Before we get into rebranding, let’s start with the basics. First, what is a brand? A brand makes up the visual identity of a company. This includes logos, colors, fonts, photography style, and iconography. A successful brand should encapsulate your company’s mission while speaking to your core audience. When a company goes through rebranding, it is changing, tweaking, or adding these elements to maximize the visual effect and message of the company. Rebranding doesn’t mean throwing out all of your original brand elements, but rather bringing out the best in what is already there, and adding elements that will demonstrate your values.

Deciding if it is time to rebrand your company is a huge decision. While there are countless reasons to undergo a rebrand, here are our top 4.

Your branding is outdated

Maybe you started your company 20 years ago and haven’t updated your brand since. Maybe your logo looks vintage, but not in the cool, trendy way. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to note that updating your logo and branding throughout the years is a natural, and crucial part of your business. Even the biggest companies tweak their brand from time to time. Think of this as an opportunity to switch up your outdated language and give your brand a fresh new look.

Your branding is inconsistent

If you find yourself using different colors, fonts, and graphic styles in your various marketing materials and social platforms, it may be time to rebrand. Simply placing your logo on a product isn’t enough to establish brand trust. Your brand should stay consistent throughout your packaging, social media, website, and marketing. Creating a thought-out brand using consistent colors, fonts, graphics, and photography that reflect your company’s values will generate brand trust and customer loyalty. 

Your branding doesn’t reflect your audience’s values

As companies develop, their values may grow and shift with the times. These changes can be the result of internal factors or external factors that are presented by your audience. Eventually, where your company is, may not be reflected in its branding. To reassure your audience that your values reflect their own, you may need to undergo a rebrand. An effective rebrand will communicate visually and vocally your company’s mission, values, and vision.

Your company has grown outside of its original location

Whether your company has already reached a new market or you are looking to expand, this new phase in your business will likely come with a rebrand. When targeting  a new market, it’s essential to research and analyze your new audience in order to best suit their needs. Additionally, if your company has the original city or region built into the name, you will need to consider changing the name to reach a wider audience.

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