Competitive businesses need competitive software solutions and an integrated approach to tech implementation. At Tayloe/Gray, customizable and user-appropriate software solutions are a passion of ours, and implementing them in a cohesive and integrated fashion is one of our strong suits.

Third-Party Software Integrations

Third-party software integrations can be a challenge for any business, but our team has the technical skills and digital experience to get the job done. Whether we’re implementing an existing service or building a custom solution, we’ll make it easy and efficient.

  • Our skilled software team will assess your business’s unique needs and situation.
  • We explore every available solution to find the most effective option for you.
  • Whether we’re building integrations with existing services for a hybrid solution or creating a custom solution, we’ll ensure quality throughout.

Custom Software Business Solutions

At Tayloe/Gray we pride ourselves on innovative solutions to complex problems, and what could be more innovative than custom software? Your business is unique and may need unique solutions. We’re able to create the ones you need.

  • Customizable, data-driven software is both one of our core services and deepest passions.
  • We have the experience, both as a business and as individuals, to develop the software that best serves you.
  • As with everything we do, we take your future growth and evolving needs into account to ensure our solutions continue to serve you in the future.

Case Studies

Below are work examples of our clients that have built custom software solutions.  We would love to get started on a custom project for your company Click Here to Contact Us.

KOA Campcast

Kampgrounds of America (KOA) has been helping family and friends enjoy the great outdoors near and far from their home for more than 50 years. Tayloe/Gray and KOA have had a long-standing partnership.

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Duke Energy Retail

Specializing in both electricity and natural gas, Duke Energy Retail was a certified electric provider, servicing both retail and commercial customers across Ohio until acquired by Dynegy Energy.

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