Your brand needs a distinct visual language, one that speaks to your company identity, the quality of your service or product, and the audience you’re after. Tayloe/Gray takes the time to know you and your business, and develop the look and spirit of your brand.

Logo Design

So much rides on your visual identity. It is the face your brand shows to the world. A successful, impactful logo, typeface and visual elements should reflect your company, your mission, and your product while creating a professional, credible presence that aligns with your business goals.

  • High-quality graphic design, creating the logo that best fits your brand
  • Harmonization between your logo and your brand’s visual language
  • Integration with our market research, ensuring audience appeal

Mood Board

A mood board is a powerful tool – -a creative collage that sets the look and feel of your brand and helps both the creative process and the final vision. Detailed yet flexible, we’ll create the montage to guide us toward success.

  • Creative visuals and dynamic arrangements combine to channel creativity and productivity
  • An evolving image of your brand image and identity
  • A common reference point for all teams involved

Style Guide

Your brand needs a voice and visual identity, and everyone involved in creating and promoting your brand needs to understand it and how to implement it. We’ll create a style guide that will keep everyone on the same page.

  • Creative development of a clear, distinct look and feel for your brand
  • A style guide that will clearly and easily convey brand standards to your team and ours, with Instructions on the do’s and don’t for the use of your new logo, documented color palette and typography
  • Updates as needed as your brand visuals refresh