Your brand isn’t an abstraction; it needs to be a living, breathing entity your target audience can connect with. It embodies your corporate values and culture and allows you to stand apart from the crowd. At Tayloe/Gray we understand this – we’re your full-service agency partner prepared to do it all.

Creative Positioning

Creative positioning distills the message of your brand to a key phrase, sentence, or idea, something that your target audience can take hold of and relate to. We’ll work to find and develop the heart of your brand, placing you where you need to be.

  • Audiences
  • Behaviors
  • Insight
  • UVPs
  • Values
  • Motivators

Long-Term Vision & Mission

A lasting, future-oriented vision is a must for any successful brand. Tayloe/Gray understands that you have long-term, enduring goals for your brand, and we’ll help forge the vision and goals you need for long-term success.

  • We get to know you and your business: your goals, your values, your culture.
  • We take that knowledge, combine it with our dynamic brand creation know-how, and use that chemistry to create a long-term vision.
  • Just like your business and the marketplace, your vision is going to evolve. We fold in the flexibility you need.

Key Messaging Content

Your key messaging content is just that – the vital messages and information you want to relay to your audience. What do you offer? What makes you different? Who are you as a business and a brand? We can help you take those ideas and make them tangible.

  • We return to a key step in Tayloe/Gray’s approach to brand development and marketing: the why. Why should the audience engage with you? Why is your work of value to them? We’ll help them understand what sets you apart.
  • Your key messaging content is one of the pillars of your overall brand image and marketing. We’ll ensure this core content is both solid and scalable.
  • We further ensure that this message content reflects your long-term values and mission, helping you build a business and brand that endures and grows.

Case Studies

Below are work examples of our clients that participated in Brand Strategy and Development. We would love to get started on a branding project for your company Click Here to Contact Us.

Tribute Companies

Tribute Companies wanted to change their name and asked Tayloe/Gray to help bring it to life.

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The Pointe at Barclay

Anchored by Stone Theatres The Pointe 14 Cinema, The Pointe at Barclay was created as a new entertainment and upscale dining destination for Midtown Wilmington. The Pointe has already been successful in attracting new businesses and patrons, providing jobs, adding dining and entertainment options, and ultimately breathing new life to the area.

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As a trusted supplier of adult incontinence merchandise, Cape MedEX, wanted to expand the reach of their company and improve the overall user experience. Rebranded as bellibox, their new site and user experience are designed around taking care of each individual with ease, care and discretion.

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Foss Demolition

Excellence in demolition. FOSS Demolition is a large-scale demolition and environmental remediation expert — bringing the most innovative machinery, skilled safety team, and sustainable recycling solutions.

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