We live in a digital world dominated by information flow, and sometimes text just isn’t enough. Your business, your brand, your product, your event – all benefit from striking visuals that effortlessly grab and hold your audience’s attention. Our in-house studio, 2nd Space, utilizes a versatile approach to photography which takes advantage of both timeless quality and cutting-edge techniques to deliver the results you need.

360 Product Photography

Motion catches the eye, and dynamic images convey reality. We combine these fundamental principles of marketing combined with state-of-the-art imaging and animation to create 360-degree views of your products – leading to increased sales conversions and greater customer satisfaction. We can handle a high volume of products, and find creative ways to make each stand out.

  • Realistic, engaging visuals
  • 360 spins for digital sales materials
  • Proven tools to boost sales and satisfaction

Headshots & Events

Ultimately, all businesses and brands are composed of people – be they your team, your clients, your customers, or network. High-quality photos show the faces, expertise, and energy that have made your dream a reality. From in-studio headshots to onsite event shoots, we capture and highlight your best features.

  • Quality headshots for your website and marketing materials
  • Dynamic photographs of promotional events, in-house occasions, tradeshows and more
  • A myriad of ways to show the human side of your business

Virtual Tours, Aerial & Drone

There’s nothing like being there, and we’ve developed high-tech approaches to allow you and your audience to do that in a virtual space. Whether a computer-generated virtual tour or a sleek piece of aerial videography, we can create the experience you need.

  • Our creative team creates the right experience, from start to finish
  • High-quality computer graphics, animation, and videography at every stage
  • Detailed, beautiful presentations for maximum audience engagement